The People in the Trees

Dr Abraham Norton Perreira was once known as the man who discovered the secret of immortality on a remote Micronesia island. Now, he is in the news for a very different reason, having just been convicted of sexually abusing one of his adopted children. Nonetheless, Perreira’s closest friend and colleague has taken it upon himself to publish Perreira’s memoirs, telling the story of his life and career. Continue reading

A Little Life

I have to admit that it can sometimes take very little to get me to buy a new book. An author with a Japanese name and some effusive praise on a London billboard was all it took to get me to invest in Hanya Yamashita’s A Little Life – I didn’t really have any clue what it was even going to be about. Of course, the book then languished on my Kindle for several years before I actually got around to reading it, but once I’d cracked its virtual cover, I was hooked. Continue reading

Exploring the work of James Tiptree Jr

Lately I’ve been listening to Eric Molinksy’s Imaginary Worlds podcast. Each episode delves deep into some aspect of sci-fi or fantasy, either examining a well-known franchise in depth, or bringing to light some obscure but often excellent piece of work. I’ve enjoyed the things I’ve learnt from Imaginary Worlds, not least my exposure to the life and work of author James Tiptree Jr in the episode The Mysterious James Tiptree. Continue reading

The Declaration, Chapter 21

We return to Grange Hall, where Sheila is having a rough time of it. Her only comforts are the pair of silk knickers she stole, and Anna’s diary, hidden in Female Bathroom 2.

Dislikeable Charlie also makes a return, and he’s determined to taunt Sheila and get her in trouble. And in fact, an unintended consequence of his actions is that one of the teachers discovers the stolen knickers, and Sheila gets sent to Evil Mrs Pinsent. Continue reading