The Declaration, Chapters 22-23

Anna wakes up from an unspecified time that “felt like days” during which she was sleeping off a fever. It can’t have been that long, though, because Peter is still explaining the circumstances of their escape. Which, to be honest, you’d thought he’d have already done in the first few hours whilst Anna slept. Continue reading

The Declaration, Chapter 21

We return to Grange Hall, where Sheila is having a rough time of it. Her only comforts are the pair of silk knickers she stole, and Anna’s diary, hidden in Female Bathroom 2.

Dislikeable Charlie also makes a return, and he’s determined to taunt Sheila and get her in trouble. And in fact, an unintended consequence of his actions is that one of the teachers discovers the stolen knickers, and Sheila gets sent to Evil Mrs Pinsent. Continue reading