Eragon and Eldest: a tale of mediocre fantasy

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings- all franchises that move fans to great and terrible lengths even as critics sigh and try to maintain an air of respectability by finding fault with the food of the masses. Dislike those titles if you will, but put them aside for a moment as we delve into a fantasy series that rips off all three- namely the first two books in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance trilogy (recently expanded to include a fourth book), a series that gained our attention when it was made into a film in 2006. Continue reading


The Mulian Empire

The Mulian Empire
Adapted from “Conversations with a Dictator” by M. Mikotoson, Galactic Press

Although it no longer exists on any galactic map, the Mulian Empire is universally acknowledged to have been one of the cruellest and most bloodthirsty regimes that our galaxy has witnessed. Despite its small size and relatively insignificant influence on the galactic stage, no other state can be said to have exhibited such extremes of cruelty and excess as those witnessed under the Mulian regime. Continue reading