Wa*king is Wonderful

A follow up to my article, Wa*k Yourself Healthy.

The recent Sainsbury’s Comfort magazine features an article by Janet Street-Porter Unfortunately, due to a problem with autocorrect, the article was entitled “Walking is Wonderful”. We now reprint this article in its correct form, with all instances of “walk” replaced with their original intent. Continue reading

Nurse Jackie, addiction and how it’s everyone’s fault but mine

Last Sunday, I burnt through the entirety of Nurse Jackie season six in a single day. Even at a point in its run where most series would have run out of steam, the show remains excellent; however, this season felt darker than ever, and even a little painful to watch. As Jackie fell ever deeper down the rabbit hole of drug addiction I decided to thrash out my feelings in blog form.

WARNING!! Unashamed spoilerage and post-game analysis to follow Continue reading