Karura’s Soapbox 1: Couples

For the past couple of years, I’ve been guilty of leaving this blog to moulder in a state of neglect- simply because as things stand, I don’t have time to both watch TV and blog about it, and the laws of cause and effect suggest that if I have to only pick one, then it must be to merely watch it. Anyway, after watching David Mitchell’s Soapbox, I have decided to give this blog a new lease of life by ranting about all the things that make me bitter and angry inside.

In this first instalment, the object of my ire will be couples- or, to be more specific, my having to encounter couples in public. Now, there is no doubt that this is motivated by jealousy, because at the time of writing not only am I not part of a couple, whilst someone I like is part of a couple that doesn’t include me. Continue reading