Karura’s Soapbox: Modern websites

The internet is a rich trove of information, misinformation, facts, opinions and funny cat photos. Most of it is served up to us via websites, and for years this has worked pretty well. Lately, however, navigating a website to read a single article of interest can turn out to be quite a stressful experience. Continue reading

Karura’s Soapbox 1: Couples

For the past couple of years, I’ve been guilty of leaving this blog to moulder in a state of neglect- simply because as things stand, I don’t have time to both watch TV and blog about it, and the laws of cause and effect suggest that if I have to only pick one, then it must be to merely watch it. Anyway, after watching David Mitchell’s Soapbox, I have decided to give this blog a new lease of life by ranting about all the things that make me bitter and angry inside.

In this first instalment, the object of my ire will be couples- or, to be more specific, my having to encounter couples in public. Now, there is no doubt that this is motivated by jealousy, because at the time of writing not only am I not part of a couple, whilst someone I like is part of a couple that doesn’t include me. Continue reading