The rights of holograms in the Federation

The United Federation of Planets is touted as a utopia in which poverty and hunger have been eliminated, and equal rights have been ushered in for all. If we ignore some of the discrepancies we see on screen and just accept it at face value, then it is a multicultural society in which anyone of any race can happily pursue whichever way of life they desire. What a time to be alive. Continue reading


Star Trek Discovery: Will You Take My Hand?

Admiral Cornwell has entrusted Discovery’s mission to Qo’nos to mirror Georgiou, the only person ruthless enough to carry it out. Despite her misgivings, Burnham goes along with the plan, but can Discovery really bring an end to the war? Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: What’s Past is Prologue

Mirror Lorca has made his move, and now his followers are keen to help him dethrone Georgiou and take control of the Empire. Whilst Burnham joins forces with the mirror version of her former captain in order to put a stop to Lorca’s plan, Stamets has dire news. The mirror Stamets’ version of the spore drive is very different to the one aboard Discovery, and holds the potential to not only corrupt the entire mycelial network, but to destroy life in every universe. Continue reading