Star Trek Discovery: An Obol for Charon

Discovery encounters a mysterious sphere which not only disables the ship, but seems to trigger some worrying symptoms in Saru. Meanwhile, Tilly, Stamets and Reno try to communicate with the mycelial life form that manifested itself as May. Continue reading


Star Trek Discovery: Point of Light

Chancellor L’Rell is having a hard time retaining her hold over the Klingon Great Houses, and having the not-quite-human, not-quite-Klingon Tyler by her side may be hindering more than it helps. Meanwhile, Amanda arrives on Discovery in the hopes of soliciting Burnham and Pike’s help in figuring out what happened to Spock, whilst Tilly struggles with her continuing visions of her childhood friend May. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: New Eden

A new signal leads Discovery to the Beta Quadrant, and a small colony of humans descended from a group who were abducted from Earth during World War III. Many of the colonists hold a deep religious belief in the angelic being who brought them to this world, whilst a few favour the scientific method. Pike and Burnham decide to head to the surface to unravel the mystery of how they came to arrive on the planet in the first place. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Brother

The war with the Klingons may be over, but Starfleet is concerned about a brand new phenomenon – a series of mysterious red bursts that simultaneously occurred thousands of light years apart. Discovery has been tasked with investigating them, and to that end, they have been assigned a new captain – Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise. As Pike takes the captain’s chair, Burnham finds herself both dreading and anticipating the chance to meet his science officer, her adoptive brother Spock. Continue reading

Some ideas for the new Captain Picard series

If you’ve any interest in Star Trek at all (and if you haven’t, it’s unclear why you would pay much attention to this blog), then you’ll have heard the news – Patrick Stewart is set to return to our screens in a brand new series about TNG’s beloved captain, Jean Luc Picard. Naturally, this news was received with anticipation and delight from all corners – even I have put aside my natural “is that a cash cow I hear being milked?” reaction and allowed myself some quiet anticipation. Continue reading

The rights of holograms in the Federation

The United Federation of Planets is touted as a utopia in which poverty and hunger have been eliminated, and equal rights have been ushered in for all. If we ignore some of the discrepancies we see on screen and just accept it at face value, then it is a multicultural society in which anyone of any race can happily pursue whichever way of life they desire. What a time to be alive. Continue reading