Star Trek Discovery: Kobayashi Maru

As captain of the Discovery, Michael Burnham has been busy reforging links with alien worlds on behalf of the Federation. But the stakes are raised even higher when Discovery is tasked with assisting a damaged space station – with the President of the Federation accompanying them as an observer. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: That Hope is You, Part 2

Thanks to Adira’s last minute with added radiation tablets, Culber and Saru have a little more time to convince Su’Kal to leave the decaying holodeck that has been his only home. Meanwhile, the Discovery crew continue their efforts to recover their ship from Osyraa. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Terra Firma, Part 2

Philippa Georgiou has returned to the mirror universe, to the days after Mirror Burnham tried to assassinate her. But this time around, Georgiou is trying something different – instead of immediately executing Burnham, she attempts to rehabilitate her adoptive daughter. But can the lessons in compassion and mercy that Georgiou absorbed aboard Discovery really help her in the vicious and unforgiving mirror universe? Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Unification III

As Burnham and Tilly continue to analyse the black box data, they learn that further information about The Burn might be available from the Ni’Var – the modern alliance of Vulcans and Romulans. Burnham decides to use her position as Spock’s sister to convince the Ni’Var to release their data to her, but even an unexpected ally might not be enough to help her convince them. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Scavengers

Grudge cat on the viewscreen

When Book’s ship turns up on autopilot with only Grudge on board, Burnham learns that he got in trouble while tracking down the black box of an old Federation ship -an important clue to the nature of The Burn. Having decided that Book’s welfare is more important than obeying her captain’s orders, Burnham takes Georgiou on an unauthorised mission to rescue him and retrieve the valuable black box. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Die Trying

Thanks to the information from Senna Tal, Discovery is finally able to reach the new headquarters of Starfleet and the Federation. With no way of verifying Discovery’s story about Control and the Red Angel, the commander of Starfleet remains suspicious of the ship, and even proposes splitting up the crew and sending them on other assignments. Can Burnham and Saru demonstrate that the ship and its crew are exactly what the 32nd century needs? Continue reading