Star Trek Discovery: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II

Control’s fleet has caught up with Enterprise and Discovery, and the rogue AI is not about to let the sphere data go without a fight. Meanwhile, Burnham and the remaining Discovery crew race against time to build a new Red Angel suit and get the time crystal powered up so that they can escape to the future. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Such Sweet Sorrow

With Control closing in, Pike takes the decision to destroy Discovery to keep the sphere data out of its hands. However, when the data refuses to let the ship be destroyed, Burnham comes up with a daring plan to use the time crystal to send Discovery itself safely into the far future. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: The Red Angel

Now that Burnham and the Discovery crew are aware of the existence of something called ‘Project Daedalus’, Section 31 are ready to reveal some of their secrets. The project was part of an arms race to develop time travel, culminating in the creation of the suit worn by the Red Angel. And when the signature of the Red Angel is shown to match that of Michael Burnham, the Discovery crew hatch a risky plan to capture her. Continue reading