Star Trek Discovery: People of Earth

After a year working with Book as a courier, Burnham is back on Discovery – and she has information about Earth. Following up on a message sent by a Starfleet admiral, Discovery heads to humanity’s homeworld, in the hopes of finding some friendly faces in this new time. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: Far From Home

Discovery has made it to the 32nd century, but when the ship crash lands on an icy planet, repairing it becomes top priority. While Stamets drags himself out of sickbay to help with the repairs, Saru and Tilly head out across a frozen wasteland to see if the planet’s inhabitants can assist them. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: That Hope is You, Part 1

Michael Burnham has landed safely in the 32nd century, in a galaxy that is very different to the one she left behind. With no sign of Discovery, Burnham teams up with freelance courier Cleveland “Book” Booker, in the hopes of making contact with her crew.

Star Trek Discovery is back, and it’s time for a whole new chapter in the show’s story. Where the first two seasons gave us a TOS prequel filled with dubious levels of retconning, season three is all about taking the action forward a whopping 900 years, to a galaxy where the Federation is long gone. Continue reading

Star Trek Discovery: The Red Angel

Now that Burnham and the Discovery crew are aware of the existence of something called ‘Project Daedalus’, Section 31 are ready to reveal some of their secrets. The project was part of an arms race to develop time travel, culminating in the creation of the suit worn by the Red Angel. And when the signature of the Red Angel is shown to match that of Michael Burnham, the Discovery crew hatch a risky plan to capture her. Continue reading