The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: Albatross

When the Enterprise pays a visit to the planet Dramia, Dr McCoy is placed under arrest for apparently having caused a plague some nineteen years earlier. In the hopes of clearing McCoy, Kirk and Spock launch an investigation – only to encounter a recurrence of the same plague. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: The Practical Joker

After the Enterprise passes through a strange energy cloud, the crew notice that they are becoming the butt of a series of increasingly silly – and dangerous – practical jokes. When it becomes clear that the culprit is none other than the ship’s computer, Kirk and crew must figure out how to deal with the issue. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: The Slaver Weapon

While transporting a rare “stasis box” to Starbase 25, the shuttlecraft Copernicus falls into a trap laid by the Kzinti, a rare of fierce warrior felines. Now Spock, Uhura and Sulu must figure out not only how to escape, but keep the contents of the stasis box out of Kzinti hands.

This episode was a big deal back when it aired. Given the chance to write for the show and bring some of his IP into the Star Trek universe, Larry Niven adapted his short story, “The Soft Weapon” into this, The Slaver Weapon. At the time, this was all very exciting, and lots of fans greatly enjoyed seeing Niven’s Kzinti show up in the Star Trek universe. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: The Ambergris Element

the Aquan council

The Enterprise is investigating Argo, a planet whose landmasses have become entirely submerged underwater. Events take an unexpected turn, however, when Kirk and Spock go missing after being attacked by a sea monster. When they are finally recovered, it turns out that their entirely physiology has been altered, turning them into water breathers! Unwilling to live underwater for the rest of their days, Kirk and Spock set about unravelling the mystery of their transformation. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: The Time Trap

the council of aliens in Elysia the council of aliens in Elysia

The Enterprise is tasked with investigating the Delta Triangle, a region of space where many starships have mysteriously disappeared. However, when the ship comes under fire from the Klingons, the crew have no choice but to fly directly into the triangle themselves. They end up ensnared in a pocket universe inhabited by the crews of all the ships that disappeared before them – and with little hope of ever getting out. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: The Terratin Incident

A satellite dish situated among a crystalline formation

When the Enterprise heads to the source of a mysterious transmission, the ship finds itself bombarded with waves that cause all organic matter on board to shrink. It’s a race against time for the crew to figure out what’s going – before they all become too small to operate the controls.

Apart from its general mediocrity, if there’s one thing TAS really suffers from, it’s that it wants to tell 42 minute stories in a 22 minute timeframe. This means that episodes that might have worked in TOS just become rushed in this format. With its rushed conclusion, The Terratin Incident is another example of an episode that suffers because of this. Continue reading