The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: One of Our Planets is Missing


The Enterprise, engulfed by a sentient space creature

The Enterprise stumbles upon a massive cloud that is able to devour entire planets – only to discover that an inhabited planet is right in its path. As the ship rushes to aid the colony, it too is swallowed up by the cloud, leaving the Enterprise crew to figure out an escape route. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: Yesteryear

Federation historians study the Guardian of Forever

After using the Guardian of Forever to study Orion history, Spock and Kirk return to the present to find that no one aboard the Enterprise remembers who Spock is. When further investigation reveals that they are in a timeline where Spock died as a boy, the half-Vulcan first officer goes back in time to save his younger self. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek TAS Rewatch: Beyond the Farthest Star

The Enterprise encounters a vast alien ship

Yes, the time has come. I’ve decided to do it – to watch and blog Star Trek: The Animated Series. I put this off for a while, because to be honest I wasn’t really sure that TAS had enough substance to sustain an episodic blog. But after realising that I remember so little of it that I might as well rewatch it, then it seemed only natural to add to the sum of my Star Trek blogs by also writing about it. Continue reading