The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Firstborn

Frustrated that Alexander seems disinclined to undertake the Rite of Ascension and become a warrior, Worf decides to take him to a Klingon outpost to try to spark the boy’s interest in their ways. There, an attack on Worf is foiled by K’mtar, a family advisor who is there not only to protect the House of Mogh, but to help Worf in his quest to turn Alexander into a real warrior. Continue reading


The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Journey’s End

When a new treaty between the Federation and Cardassia puts several colonies on the wrong side of the border, the Enterprise is asked to relocate a colony of Native Americans. Aware of the unfortunate nature of the situation, Picard tries to tread carefully, but the colonists are determined to stay put. Meanwhile, Wesley is visiting from the Academy, but the once top student is now troubled and moody. Continue reading