The Great Star Trek Rewatch: The Lights of Zetar

En route to the Federation library on Memory Alpha, the Enterprise runs into a mysterious creature travelling at warp speed. The mere sight of the creature is enough to paralyse all of the bridge crew, but it has an especially potent effect on new lieutenant Mira Romaine. Has the creature formed some sort of link with Romaine, or is she just suffering the stress of her first deep space assignment? Continue reading


The Great Star Trek Rewatch: That Which Survives

When the Enterprise encounters an implausibly young Earthlike planet, Kirk is quick to lead a landing party down to the surface. But as soon as they materialise on the surface, the Enterprise is flung almost a hundred light years away. Whilst the Enterprise attempts to effect repairs and return to the planet, on the surface, Kirk and the others must contend with a mysterious woman who appears able to kill with a touch. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: The Mark of Gideon

When the Federation opens negotiations with the secretive planet of Gideon, Captain Kirk is the only representative from the Enterprise allowed to beam down. But instead of arriving in the Gideon council chambers as expected, he finds himself aboard an Enterprise devoid of all crew – and in their place, a single, mysterious girl. Just where exactly is Kirk? And can the crew of the real Enterprise track him down? Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

When the Enterprise picks up Lokai, a mysterious alien who is white on the right side of his body, and black on the left, they have no idea that they have stepped into a millennia-old conflict. For Lokai is soon followed by Bele, an alien from the same planet who is white on the left side of his body, and black on the right. Bele considers Lokai to be a traitor, criminal and all-round inferior being, and has chased him across the galaxy for 50,000 years, hoping to bring him to justice. Unable and unwilling to choose sides, the Enterprise crew must find a way to deal with these two implacably warring individuals. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: Whom Gods Destroy

When Kirk and Spock beam down to the asylum on Elba II to deliver a medicine that should cure the fifteen criminally insane inmates there, little do they know that they are walking into a trap. Garth of Izar, once the greatest starship captain in the fleet, has effected an escape and now rules as an insane lord over his tiny empire. But he craves the Enterprise, and he intends to torture and manipulate Kirk and Spock until they give it to him. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: Elaan of Troyius

The Enterprise is on a vital diplomatic mission to unite the once-warring planets of Elas and Troyius by ferrying Elaan, Dohlman of Elas to her arranged marriage to the Troyan leader. A fiery woman from a society where strength is prized, Elaan isn’t about to walk demurely to the altar, and whilst Kirk tries to teach her how to conduct herself in peaceful society, he must deal with both Klingon sneak attacks and the aphrodisiac effects of Elaan’s tears. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: The Empath

Whilst on a mission to rescue a research team from a dying planet, Kirk, Spock and McCoy are beamed deep underground by a mysterious alien force. There, they encounter Gem, a mute woman who is able to transfer the wounds of others to herself -a so-called empath. Gem and the Enterprise crew have been taken by the Vians – powerful aliens conducting experiments on live subjects – but to what end? Continue reading