The Great Star Trek Rewatch: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

When the Enterprise picks up Lokai, a mysterious alien who is white on the right side of his body, and black on the left, they have no idea that they have stepped into a millennia-old conflict. For Lokai is soon followed by Bele, an alien from the same planet who is white on the left side of his body, and black on the right. Bele considers Lokai to be a traitor, criminal and all-round inferior being, and has chased him across the galaxy for 50,000 years, hoping to bring him to justice. Unable and unwilling to choose sides, the Enterprise crew must find a way to deal with these two implacably warring individuals. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: Whom Gods Destroy

When Kirk and Spock beam down to the asylum on Elba II to deliver a medicine that should cure the fifteen criminally insane inmates there, little do they know that they are walking into a trap. Garth of Izar, once the greatest starship captain in the fleet, has effected an escape and now rules as an insane lord over his tiny empire. But he craves the Enterprise, and he intends to torture and manipulate Kirk and Spock until they give it to him. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: Elaan of Troyius

The Enterprise is on a vital diplomatic mission to unite the once-warring planets of Elas and Troyius by ferrying Elaan, Dohlman of Elas to her arranged marriage to the Troyan leader. A fiery woman from a society where strength is prized, Elaan isn’t about to walk demurely to the altar, and whilst Kirk tries to teach her how to conduct herself in peaceful society, he must deal with both Klingon sneak attacks and the aphrodisiac effects of Elaan’s tears. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: The Empath

Whilst on a mission to rescue a research team from a dying planet, Kirk, Spock and McCoy are beamed deep underground by a mysterious alien force. There, they encounter Gem, a mute woman who is able to transfer the wounds of others to herself -a so-called empath. Gem and the Enterprise crew have been taken by the Vians – powerful aliens conducting experiments on live subjects – but to what end? Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: Wink of an Eye

When the Enterprise responds to a distress call from planet Scalos, they are surprised to discover that no one appears to be on the planet. Little do they realise that the aliens they have come to rescue are hyperaccelerated beings who are invisible to the naked eye, and that their plan is to hijack the Enterprise and use the crew as breeding stock – starting with Captain Kirk. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: Plato’s Stepchildren

When the Enterprise is summoned to the planet Platonius to dispense urgent medical assistance, they discover a colony of aliens who have modelled their society on ancient Greek, having once visited Earth in that era. The Platonians have developed amazing powers of psychokinesis, but correspondingly their physical endurance has withered away; desperate for a physician, they use their powers to manipulate Spock and Kirk, in the hopes of making McCoy agree to stay with them forever. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: The Tholian Web

When the Enterprise encounters the USS Defiant adrift in space with the crew having apparently killed each other, it turns out that the cause is the unstable nature of spacetime in the area. And when Captain Kirk is lost in an interdimensional rift whilst beaming back to the Enterprise, Spock will stop at nothing to recover him, even though he must deal with an irate McCoy, the Enterprise crew slowly going mad themselves, a damaged Enterprise and a mysterious alien energy web that may seal them in forever. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

The Enterprise discovers Yonada, a hollowed out asteroid that has been converted into a spaceship, carrying a civilisation who have lived inside so long that they believe they are on a planet. Whilst Kirk and Spock try to figure out how the asteroid is controlled so that they can stop it colliding with a nearby planet, McCoy, who has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness, decides to stay on Yonada with the high priestess Natira. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Rewatch: Day of the Dove

When the Enterprise hurries to answer a distress call, the only thing they find are the surviving crew of a damaged Klingon ship. The Klingons forcibly board the Enterprise, and despite Kirk’s countermeasures, manage to take over Engineering. As the Klingons and the Enterprise crew get progressively angrier at each other, and weapons start appearing out of nowhere, it seems like some entity must be working behind the scenes to manipulate the two sides into perpetual conflict. Continue reading