The Orville season two

Even though I found The Orville season one a bit disappointing, by the time I’d finished watching it, season two had recorded itself to my Virgin Media box. Ever the glutton for punishment, I decided to press on and watch all fourteen episodes. The question is – was it worth the time?

To be honest, it didn’t start out well. The first few episodes of the season suffer from many of the same problems that plagued season one. Whenever two women are alone together, they pretty much always talk about men. Storylines are cringeworthy and silly – see, for example, the episode set on the high-gravity world of Xelaya, or the one about a planet where everyone takes astrology so seriously that people born under a particular star sign spend their lives in internment camps. Continue reading

His Dark Materials series one

This season, the BBC brought us an eight episode adaptation of Northern Lights, the first book in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Taking place in a parallel universe where every human possesses an animal ‘daemon’ companion, the book follows the adventures of Lyra Belacqua, an orphan living at Jordan College Oxford. Following the disappearances of several local children, Lyra is drawn into a quest involving the shady goings-on of the all-powerful Magisterium.

Back in 2007, Northern Lights was adapted into The Golden Compass, a Hollywood film so disappointing that plans to also film the sequels were scrapped. Could a British TV series with more time to tell the story, and less watering-down of the underlying religious themes, do a better job? The answer is of course yes, for while this adaptation is by no means perfect, it is still well worth a watch. Continue reading

The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: The Stopped Show

After the strangling incident, Philbert is on hiatus. Princess Carolyn arranges a chat show appearance for BoJack – who has no memory of what he did – and Gina to tell the world that everything is fine. Nonetheless, BoJack feels terrible for strangling Gina, and decides he must find a way to be held to account.

Last episode, we saw BoJack committing his latest unforgivable act – losing his grip on reality so much that he strangled Gina during the filming of a Philbert episode. BoJack himself has no memory of doing this, but is understandably horrified to see video footage of his actions. The question is – what next for our troubled protagonist? Continue reading

The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: Ancient History

On her way home from college, Hollyhock stops over in LA to visit BoJack. However, when she throws his pain medication away, they spend the entire trip trying to find BoJack some replacement medication. Meanwhile, an adoption opportunity arises for Princess Carolyn, and Todd builds a sex robot for Emily.

I hadn’t really appreciated until this rewatch just how much I love Hollyhock, and so of course I’m delighted that she makes a return appearance here. But that also leads me feeling as frustrated as she does that, instead of getting to spend a nice evening with BoJack, she ends up traipsing around town with him trying to score some opioids. Continue reading