Dancing With the Stars season six week 10: the grand finale

Three competitors, one trophy- but who would walk away from it? Would it be Kristi, the technical natural who learned to perform; Jason, the man’s man whose surprising elegance let him shine in the ballroom; or Cristián, the Latin heartthrob who never gave up even after rupturing the tendons in one arm? Read on to find out how they all fared…

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Dancing With the Stars season six week 9: semi-finals

Four contestants, three places in the final- who would make it and who would go? With each contestant having to pick their two dances out of a mirror ball, it was entirely the luck of the draw who got the dances they were suited to, and who would end up having to overcome their weaknesses?

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Dancing With the Stars season six week 8

As we reach the final five, the judges relaxed the rules a little for this week- for each dance, one legal lift in the character of the dance is allowed. And as if that wasn’t enough, the results show also marked the 100th

episode of DWTS, which meant that we got a whole host of returning stars, and a countdown of the judges’ top ten perfect scoring dances from the first five seasons. Read on for the usual more detailed recap. Continue reading

Dancing With the Stars season six week five

Believe it or not, we’ve already reached the halfway mark of the competition, as traditionally marked by Latin Night, the so-called “sexiest night of the competition”. The clothes get skimpier, the flesh is revealed and the fake tan goes into overload- but will the slow, teasing rumba or the carnival fun of the samba be enough to save our celebrities from elimination?

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Dancing With the Stars season six week four

In the fourth week of competition, contestants must perform either the dance of the bullfight or the whirling Viennese waltz, a dance that was introduced just last season to replace the English waltz (in the UK show, contestants have to do both dances). But with Kristi having set such a high standard and Len proving especially hard to please, who will prove their worth on the hardwood floor?

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Dancing With the Stars season six week three

I love week three of the series, for the simple reason that this is tango and jive week, and the tango is my favourite dance. How would our celebrities fare with the sharp, staccato tango and the fast, furious jive?

Tango vs. jive

  • Marlee and Fabian: Fabian looks like so much fun to rehearse with, and he’s certainly doing a good enough job with Marlee that she can jive better than I can even without hearing the music. Another good effort from Marlee- she’s got the basics down, but as the judges pointed out, now is the time to start brushing up on the little things. Continue reading

Dancing With the Stars season six week two

With no elimination in week one, everyone got the chance to dance again in an attempt to prove to both the judges and the audience that they are truly worth keeping in the competition. But with the first ever double elimination scheduled to remove one man and one woman from the competition, who could master both ballroom and Latin and avoid going home early? 

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Dancing With the Stars season six week one

The season has only just started and I’m already a week behind, but I promise to do better from now on. Anyway, whether you’re in the US, or like me, an overseas viewer with a dancing obsession, the sixth season of Dancing With the Stars has just begun, bringing us twelve new celebrities, one new professional and the same old familiar judges- but who will walk away with the mirrorball trophy this time?

Week one saw everyone have to perform either a foxtrot or a cha cha, with the men performing on Monday and the ladies on Tuesday. This time around, however, there was to be no results show and elimination until week two, enabling everyone to dance twice before the show’s first ever double elimination. Continue reading