Heroes season one episodes 22-3 [end]

Apologies for taking so long with this; Heroes season two will start in the UK on BBC2 this Thursday at 9pm (the next episode follows on BBC3 at 10:30pm).

DL, Nikki, Jessica and Micah

Micah is still with Candice, and now the time for him to act has come- on election day, she takes him to a voting booth, where he uses his power to create a landslide victory for Nathan.

Meanwhile, DL and Jessica have made it all the way to Linderman’s office in an attempt to get their son back. Upon being confronted by them, Linderman tries to appeal to Jessica, telling her he will pay her handsomely for killing DL. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 21

Jessica, D.L. and Micah
Micah is now being kept at Linderman’s with Candice impersonating his mother, but Micah is too smart not to realise that something is amiss. He tries to use his ability to escape, but Candice fools him with illusions, and after reverting to her true form, she promises Micah that if he tries to get away, she will show him visions that will really mess him up.

Meanwhile. D.L. decides that he must go and retrieve Micah, and on Niki’s insistence, Jessica reluctantly accompanies him. Upon reaching Linderman’s, they gain access to his vault, only to see evidence that Linderman has been keeping an eye on them for years- thanks to their abilities, they are like a pet project to him. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 20

A dismal future
Hiro and Ando have just landed five years in the future, and it isn’t a pretty sight- despite their efforts in the past, it seems that the explosion happened after all. Desperate for answers, the two men head to Isaac’s apartment, and although the man himself is no longer there, someone else is- future Hiro. Over the last few years, he has turned the apartment into a criss-crossing web of timelines, hoping to pinpoint which events could be used to change the past. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 19

Bennet, Matt and Ted
Bennet, Matt and Ted have been captured by the Company and execution seems nigh- but naturally, none of them have any intention of sitting around and waiting for death. Instead, Bennet projects his thoughts to Matt, outlining a plan of escape. Under Bennet’s orders, Matt rips a piece of pipe off the wall and uses it to knock out the first guard to enter his cell.

Under Bennet’s directions, Matt navigates his way to a supply room, changes clothes and heads out to free Ted. After what happened at the Bennet house, Ted is somewhat unwilling to trust the others, but Matt persuades him that this is better than being killed. With security alarms now ringing, Bennet teaches Ted how to use his power to create an EMP rather than a nuclear reaction, thus bringing down the security system for long enough to get Bennet out as well. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 18

With his memory erased, even the mental probing of the captured Matt Parkan cannot incriminate Bennet, and so despite Thompson’s suspicions, he is released and given a new partner in the form of the shape shifting Candice. Their first assignment is to get Isaac out of trouble, with Candice effectively ending the FBI enquiry into Simone’s death by posing as her when they come round to question the artist.

Meanwhile, at home, all is not it seems- before he had his memory erased, Bennet confided in his wife, and now she reveals that his past self told her everything, even leaving a note ordering himself not to go after Claire. It seems that Bennet may have a new ally in Sandra, but everything goes wrong when he accidentally exposes himself not to his wife, but to a disguised Candice. And now that they have proof of his deception, the Company are quick to bring Bennet in. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 17

Hostage situation at the Bennet house
Despite his reluctance, Matt goes along with Ted’s plan to get information from Bennet, but whilst they are scouring his computer for data, the family returns home, and it soon escalates into a hostage situation. In their search for answers, Matt tries reading Bennet’s mind, but when he starts thinking in Japanese, Matt turns to Claire instead, whose thoughts reveal what she knows about Bennet.

Unfortunately, Ted’s emotional state is not in the most stable of conditions, and the realisation that he could blow up if provoked forces Matt and Bennet to start surreptitiously working together. On telepathic advice from Bennet, Matt shoots Claire and they carry the body upstairs, where, unbeknownst to Ted, Claire swiftly revives. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 16

Mohinder and Sylar
Unaware that ‘Zane’ is really Sylar, Mohinder takes him to meet another person with special powers- Dale, a mechanic with superhuman hearing abilities. Dale is initially sceptical of the pair, but she becomes convinced to listen to what Mohinder is saying when Sylar demonstrates his ability to melt solid objects. She agrees to cooperate with Mohinder’s tests, and they make arrangements to meet again the next day.

Unfortunately, there is to be no next day for Dale, for Sylar returns on his own later to kill her and acquire yet another ability. On their return visit, Sylar is clearly struggling to control his new superhuman hearing, whilst Mohinder is in for an unpleasant shock when he sees Dale’s body. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 15

Having contacted Nathan to let him know that their daughter is alive, Meredith is quick to secure money from him, although upon hearing that her biological father has been found, Claire wants more- such as an actual relationship. Meredith tries to persuade her that all her father will be good for is giving the two of them cold hard cash.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s mother tries to persuade him not to get involved with Meredith again- the last thing they need is to rake up a scandal like this right before the election. Nonetheless, Nathan cannot help but go and visit and Meredith, and the couple hold a conversation in her trailer- unaware that Claire is hiding outside listening to their every word. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 14

Hiro and Ando
Hiro and Ando are taken before Hiro’s father, who is far from pleased- as the head of a prestigious company, he cannot bear to lose face because his son and heir is making a fool of himself on an American road trip. Hiro insists that he is pursuing an important mission, but Nakamura is having none of it- if his son is unhappy with his office job, then he can just take on the role of company vice president here and now.

Hiro is less than pleased with this prospect- not only does he have his own agenda, but his sister Kimiko is far more suited to taking over the running of the company. For his part, Ando is more interested in getting Kimiko’s phone number, but in the meantime, Hiro comes up with a plan. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 13

Niki, D.L. and Micah
Much as she would like to be with her family, Niki knows it is best for everyone to stay in prison, and even when D.L. offers to help her get out, she tells him to concentrate on looking after Micah instead. Unfortunately, parenting is not coming easy to D.L.- Micah seems to prefer the way Mum does things, and his attempts to hold down a job are less than successful.

Wanting to help out in his own way, Micah decides to use his ability to talk to machines to get all the cash they need from an ATM, before showing his father the money and explaining that he too has a special power. Meanwhile, back in prison, a psychiatrist wants to help Niki- but in order to proceed, Jessica must be let out… Continue reading