Heroes season one episode 15

Having contacted Nathan to let him know that their daughter is alive, Meredith is quick to secure money from him, although upon hearing that her biological father has been found, Claire wants more- such as an actual relationship. Meredith tries to persuade her that all her father will be good for is giving the two of them cold hard cash.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s mother tries to persuade him not to get involved with Meredith again- the last thing they need is to rake up a scandal like this right before the election. Nonetheless, Nathan cannot help but go and visit and Meredith, and the couple hold a conversation in her trailer- unaware that Claire is hiding outside listening to their every word. Continue reading


Heroes season one episode 14

Hiro and Ando
Hiro and Ando are taken before Hiro’s father, who is far from pleased- as the head of a prestigious company, he cannot bear to lose face because his son and heir is making a fool of himself on an American road trip. Hiro insists that he is pursuing an important mission, but Nakamura is having none of it- if his son is unhappy with his office job, then he can just take on the role of company vice president here and now.

Hiro is less than pleased with this prospect- not only does he have his own agenda, but his sister Kimiko is far more suited to taking over the running of the company. For his part, Ando is more interested in getting Kimiko’s phone number, but in the meantime, Hiro comes up with a plan. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 13

Niki, D.L. and Micah
Much as she would like to be with her family, Niki knows it is best for everyone to stay in prison, and even when D.L. offers to help her get out, she tells him to concentrate on looking after Micah instead. Unfortunately, parenting is not coming easy to D.L.- Micah seems to prefer the way Mum does things, and his attempts to hold down a job are less than successful.

Wanting to help out in his own way, Micah decides to use his ability to talk to machines to get all the cash they need from an ATM, before showing his father the money and explaining that he too has a special power. Meanwhile, back in prison, a psychiatrist wants to help Niki- but in order to proceed, Jessica must be let out… Continue reading

Heroes season one episodes 11-12

These episodes were shown as a double bill on BBC2, so in true lazy fashion I shall write a combined post for them both.

Hiro and Ando
Ever since Charlie’s death, Hiro has felt his powers slipping away from him, but nonetheless, he isn’t about to give up entirely. He and Ando visit Isaac and tell him of his impending fate, with their words backed up by the comic from the future. Hiro also spots another future painting of himself wielding a sword, and decides that he needs just such a thing to regain his powers. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 10

The title of this episode is ‘Six Months Ago’, and so it should come as no surprise that most of the events this time around are flashbacks.

Having gone back in time to Charlie’s birthday some six months ago, Hiro tries to warn her about her impending demise, before realising that he jumped back a little too far. Although she doesn’t really take his warnings seriously, for the next few months Charlie and Hiro strike up a friendship, with him helping out at the café, bringing her gifts and even showing off his ability. Unfortunately, there is bad news, for Charlie has a blood clot that will one day move into her brain and kill her- no matter what happens, she is going to die young. With this out in the open, Charlie admits her feelings for Hiro, but as they move to kiss, he teleports back to Japan and finds himself unable to return to Texas no matter how hard he tries. Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 9

A slightly disappointing episode this time around- it just all felt a bit too clichéd and ‘been there, done that’.

Hiro and Ando
At the end of last episode, Hiro jumped back in time to save Charlie’s life, and to Ando’s concern, he hasn’t returned. Ando resolves to wait in the café for his friend, but when he goes over to look at the photos posted up in memoriam, he notices that Hiro appears in one of Charlie’s birthday- some six months ago- and that the proprietor of the café even remembers him from back then! And even as Ando worries about this turn of events, six months in the past, Hiro has just appeared in the café…
Notes: If changing the past was so easily allowed, it would disallow a lot of plotlines, so I don’t see Hiro succeeding.

Continue reading

Heroes season one episode 8

Matt and Audrey
Although Matt received a one month suspension for hitting a superior officer, he conveniently neglects to mention that the next time Audrey calls on him- after all, maybe ‘radioactive man’ Ted can provide some answers about his own special abilities. Since he is about to be incarcerated as a terrorist for being in possession of nuclear material, Audrey and Matt have only a limited time to question him, all the while being careful of his natural radioactivity. Continue reading