Lost season 4 episodes 13-14 [end]: save the island, save the world

Since this season was initially meant to be 16 episodes before the writers’ strike, seasons five and six have been extended to 17 episodes each.

Locke and Ben: moving the island

Ben may have been captured by Martin and his men, but just as he predicted, a rescue party led by Richard soon shows up to rescue him- with Kate and Sayid assisting in return for being allowed to leave. To their surprise, Ben agrees to honour this deal, for he has bigger issues to deal with- such as moving the island. Continue reading

Lost season 4 episode 12: Lies, complete lies and nothing but lies

The island and the boat- it’s like a rock and a hard place

With Frank’s chopper having dropped a sat phone onto the beach, the survivors can now track them- and Jack is determined to do just that. Despite the danger of re-opening his wound, Jack resolves to go into the jungle and catch up with what he believes to be Sayid and Desmond, with Kate doing the tracking.

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Lost season 4 episode 11: when effect precedes cause, you know something’s messed up

Locke, Ben and Hurley: quest for the cabin

While the others are sleeping, Locke wanders into a clearing, only to find a Dharma man chopping down a tree. The man tells him that he is making a getaway for himself and his wife, but when his actions keep looping, Locke realises that it is a dream. Not just any dream, however, but a prophetic piece of advice from the island. Continue reading

Lost season 4 episode 9: did we just jump the shark?

No, it’s not that this episode was particularly bad, just that I can’t help feeling that this was the exact point when I realised that a lot of the cleverness in the writing seems to have bled dry, leaving us with clichéd rhetoric like “that island was always mine and you know it. Still, I’m too far in to stop watching now, so fear not, the blogging will continue on an internet near you.

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Lost season 4 episode 8: It’s like they’re all just actors being directed by some unseen force

The next episode will air on April 24th.

Having seen Michael posing as “Kevin Johnson” on the boat, Sayid has more than few questions for the man last seen betraying his comrades to get a free ride off the island, and in short order, he and Desmond confront Michael in the engine. Although he is initially reluctant to risk his cover, Michael ultimately relents and explains what happened to him.

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Lost season 4 episode 7: Everyone likes a panda

Sun, Jin and some home truths
After hearing about how they knocked out Kate, Sun’s trust of Charlotte and Daniel reaches an all-time low, and when Daniel admits that rescuing the survivors wasn’t their first priority, she decides that it would be best for her and Jin to slip off and join Locke’s camp. When Juliet catches her taking some vitamins, however, the two women have a difference of opinion- Juliet knows that Sun will die within a matter of weeks if she does not leave the island, but having seen Claire give birth safely, Sun does not believe her. Continue reading

Lost season 4 episode 6: who’s the spider at the centre of the biggest web?

The Tempest station and the deadly gas
When Charlotte and Dan disappear into the jungle, Juliet receives a message from a face from the past- Harper, her therapist when she was on the island. Harper claims to have been sent by Ben to deliver a warning; Charlotte and Dan are heading out to the Tempest station in order to release the deadly gas there- the only way to stop them is for Juliet to track them down and kill them. Continue reading

Lost season 4 episode 5: the side effects of watching Lost include a degree of confusion

Desmond: Unstuck in time
Frank and the others have left the island in the helicopter, but the journey is not to be straightforward one- not only does Frank fly straight into a storm that seems to change time from dusk to midday, but poor Desmond once again finds himself adrift in time. Awakening in his army bed back in 1996, he manages to get his whole squad punished for his disorientation, even as he struggles to work out what is going on. Continue reading

Lost season 4 episode 4: double-bluffs and triple-crosses

Lost: Locke’s autocracy
Now that Kate is with Locke’s group, she wants to see Miles, but there is one problem- Locke isn’t about to tell her where he’s being kept. Fortunately, Hurley also knows, and it isn’t difficult to trick him into revealing that Miles is imprisoned in the boathouse.

Armed with this information, Kate goes to visit Miles, who claims that he isn’t unhappy about his imprisonment- on the contrary, this is exactly where he needs to be. Kate is desperate to find out if he and the people on the boat know who she is, but Miles will only reveal that information if he can get her an audience with Ben. Continue reading