Lost season 4 episode 6: who’s the spider at the centre of the biggest web?

The Tempest station and the deadly gas
When Charlotte and Dan disappear into the jungle, Juliet receives a message from a face from the past- Harper, her therapist when she was on the island. Harper claims to have been sent by Ben to deliver a warning; Charlotte and Dan are heading out to the Tempest station in order to release the deadly gas there- the only way to stop them is for Juliet to track them down and kill them. Continue reading


Lost season 4 episode 5: the side effects of watching Lost include a degree of confusion

Desmond: Unstuck in time
Frank and the others have left the island in the helicopter, but the journey is not to be straightforward one- not only does Frank fly straight into a storm that seems to change time from dusk to midday, but poor Desmond once again finds himself adrift in time. Awakening in his army bed back in 1996, he manages to get his whole squad punished for his disorientation, even as he struggles to work out what is going on. Continue reading

Lost season 4 episode 4: double-bluffs and triple-crosses

Lost: Locke’s autocracy
Now that Kate is with Locke’s group, she wants to see Miles, but there is one problem- Locke isn’t about to tell her where he’s being kept. Fortunately, Hurley also knows, and it isn’t difficult to trick him into revealing that Miles is imprisoned in the boathouse.

Armed with this information, Kate goes to visit Miles, who claims that he isn’t unhappy about his imprisonment- on the contrary, this is exactly where he needs to be. Kate is desperate to find out if he and the people on the boat know who she is, but Miles will only reveal that information if he can get her an audience with Ben. Continue reading

Lost season 4 episode 3: The Hit List

Lost: Prisoner Exchange
Miles is unwilling to let anything proceed until Charlotte is retrieved, and so Sayid claims that he will be the one to get her back- without bloodshed. To that end, he is unwilling to let Jack go along, and so Jack tells Kate to go along- after all, as long as Sawyer is with Locke, she should be safe.

After Locke tries and fails to find Jacob’s hut, he leads his party to the barracks, but by the time Sayid arrives, he seems to have left. The only person they find is a bound Hurley, who claims that Locke left him behind after they had a disagreement. Continue reading

Lost season 4 episode 2: New characters- collect all four for a special prize

Naomi’s team lands on the island
In the jungle, Jack and Kate run into Dan- a somewhat absent minded physicist who claims to have parachuted in from a helicopter. Jack is delighted at the prospect of rescue, but Dan is more concerned with linking up with the other three members of his party, all of whom can be located on the satellite phone via their GPS transponders.

Although he seems mild-mannered enough, the fact that Dan is carrying a gun gives both Jack and Kate cause for concern, and when they meet up with Dan’s ally Miles, the tension increases. Continue reading

Lost season 4 episode 1: bemused, bedraggled and bewildered

Lost: calling the boat- aftermath
Jack has got in touch with the boat, but not everyone is happy- Locke throws a knife at Naomi and Ben warns everyone to get away, but Kate and Rousseau are firmly on his side. Down at the beach, however, the newly returned Desmond has bad news- Charlie is dead, and his dying message was that Naomi was not sent by Penelope as she claimed. With that in mind, they should go to Jack and warn him, an action which Sawyer is unwilling to follow until a strangely forceful Hurley persuades him otherwise. Continue reading

Lost season 3 episode 23 [end]: I didn’t have a clue what was going on before, and I sure as hell don’t have a clue what’s going on now

It’s been a season of ups and downs; of glimpses of the series’ past glory and a general descent into something so convoluted and ridiculous it’s hard to remember what I thought of the series back in the old days. For most of that time, I’ve been horribly behind in blogging it, and only about three people probably ever read my posts, but even so, it’s been fun in its own way, and I wish I had done this for at least season two. Still, what’s past is past, and I hope you’ll join me again in season four. Continue reading