The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Message in a Bottle

When Seven of Nine discovers a communications relay network that stretches all the way to the Alpha Quadrant, the crew use it to send The Doctor over to a Starfleet vessel at the other end of it. Unfortunately, when The Doctor arrives on the USS Prometheus, he discovers that it has been taken over by Romulans. Now, The Doctor must work together with the brand new EMH Mark II to retake the Prometheus and get a message to Starfleet. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Mortal Coil

Whilst on a mission to collect unstable protomatter, Neelix is killed. With the help of Borg nanoprobes, however, Seven of Nine is able to revive him – an unprecedented eighteen hours after his death. Far from embracing his new lease of life, however, Neelix finds himself deeply troubled – for he has no memory of visiting the afterlife he has always believed in. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Concerning Flight

When Voyager is attacked by alien ships, their adversaries beam a number of items off the ship, including both the Doctor’s mobile emitter and the ship’s main computer processor. Whilst attempting to track down the stolen items, Janeway is surprised to come face to face with none other than the Leonardo da Vinci hologram, who has been downloaded into the mobile emitter. Da Vinci claims that he is working for a new patron – who may be the very person who now owns Voyager’s stolen computer. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Voyager: Random Thoughts

Whilst conducting trades with the telepathic Mari, B’Elanna accidentally has an aggressive thought when someone bumps into her. Unfortunately, on the Mari homeworld, such thoughts are illegal, and when B’Elanna’s thought triggers some of the Mari to acts of violence, she is arrested. Can Tuvok prove B’Elanna’s innocence before the Mari start erasing parts of her mind? Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Scientific Method

Something’s amiss aboard Voyager. Tom and B’Elanna can barely keep their hands off each other, whilst Janeway is suffering from terrible headaches that make her grumpy and irritable. But when mysterious symptoms start escalating amongst the rest of the crew, The Doctor and Seven discover that Voyager has become a massive test facility for a group of aliens with the ability to tinker with DNA. Continue reading