Star Trek Discovery: The War Without, The War Within

Discovery’s return to the prime universe has jumped them ahead in time some nine months – and by this point the war with the Klingons has not been going well. Armed with the spore drive, intelligence on the cloaking device, and the unscrupulous mirror Georgiou, Discovery might be the only ship equipped to bring the fight to the Klingons. Continue reading


Star Trek Discovery: What’s Past is Prologue

Mirror Lorca has made his move, and now his followers are keen to help him dethrone Georgiou and take control of the Empire. Whilst Burnham joins forces with the mirror version of her former captain in order to put a stop to Lorca’s plan, Stamets has dire news. The mirror Stamets’ version of the spore drive is very different to the one aboard Discovery, and holds the potential to not only corrupt the entire mycelial network, but to destroy life in every universe. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch: These Are the Voyages…

In the year 2370, Commander William Riker has a difficult decision to make – does he tell Captain Picard the truth about what happened on the USS Pegasus? To help him decide, he decides to run a holodeck simulation of the last ever mission of the Enterprise NX-01. Ten years after its first flight, Enterprise is returning home for the signing of the Federation Charter, but along the way, Archer stops off to help an old friend. Continue reading