Strictly Come Dancing season six week 8

I wish this could be like last year’s Week 8 post when I actually got to go to the show, but alas, it was not to be.

Nine little dancers, waltzing for their fate- one tripped up, and then there were eight

  • Tom & Camilla (quickstep): Although it couldn’t quite match up to Austin’s quickstep from last week, Tom still did a very good job, and his energetic solo piece added to the routine rather than distracted from it. Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing season six week 7

With ten couples left, everyone got to perform a different dance this week- but who would master their respective style and who would have been better off watching from the audience?

Ten Little Dancers, standing in a line- one got voted out, and then there were nine

  • Austin & Erin (quickstep): “Wonderful! Marvellous!” said the song, and when it comes to this quickstep, I’m inclined to agree. Of course, nothing will match Anton and Erin’s quickstep, but this was an excellent routine nonetheless, and a great way to start the evening. Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing season 6 week 6

In the sixth week of the competition, our contestants have to tackle the most advanced dances of all- the whirling Viennese waltz or the passionate paso doble, the dance of the bullfight.

Viennese waltz vs. paso doble

  • Lisa & Brendan (paso doble): The paso doble is a very hard dance to sell- get it wrong and you look faintly ridiculous rather than at all convincing. Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing season six week 4

The girls take to the floor for the last time before everyone gets to dance together this week, performing the former week two dances of the quickstep and rumba. Where the quickstep requires fast footwork, the slower rumba needs precise lines and a real chemistry between partners. Who could pull it off on the night?

As an aside, last week we had Peter Jones in the audience; this week it was James Caan. Damn those multimillionaires! Continue reading