Strictly Come Dancing season six week 5

The boys and the girls danced together for the first time this week; if weeks 1-4 were the preliminaries, then the competition proper begins from here on out. Could the early leaders hang onto their place at the top of the leader board, or would there be a surprise shake up? Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing season six week 4

The girls take to the floor for the last time before everyone gets to dance together this week, performing the former week two dances of the quickstep and rumba. Where the quickstep requires fast footwork, the slower rumba needs precise lines and a real chemistry between partners. Who could pull it off on the night?

As an aside, last week we had Peter Jones in the audience; this week it was James Caan. Damn those multimillionaires! Continue reading

Sport Relief does Strictly Come Dancing

Last Friday was Sport Relief, and in aid of filling up an evening of entertainment, we were treated to a one-off edition of Strictly Come Dancing (filmed way back in November) in which five former contestants from the world of sport teamed up to dance with newcomers to the Strictly format. With a little backstage help from the pros (who were sadly confined to the audience otherwise), each couple had to impress the judges (minus Bruno) and the audience with a single dance in the hopes of lifting a special red version of the glitterball trophy. Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

The series is over, the winner has been crowned- but a few weeks previously, the Christmas Special was filmed. Comprised of the final four from 2007 alongside previous winners Darren Gough and Mark Ramprakash, the Christmas Special saw them perform modified versions of selected routines to Christmas music, with an audience vote in place of the public one. Who would walk away with the star-shaped trophy?

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Strictly Come Dancing week twelve: the grand final

Twelve weeks, fourteen celebrities, more drama, dresses and dancing than you could shake a stick at- but in the end, only two remained to dance for that glittery mirror ball trophy. Alesha had been more consistent over the course of the season, but under Flavia’s tutelage Matt had produced his own share of worthy routines and on the night, based on dancing alone it seemed too close to call. Which way would the public vote?

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Strictly Come Dancing week eleven: the semi-final

It’s the last hurdle to the final, and although all three remaining dancers would have made worthy finalists, only two places were open to them- someone had to go. Nonetheless, everyone was ready to dance their best to ensure that that someone wouldn’t be them.

As well as doing the final dance that they hadn’t covered earlier in the series, the semi-final sees each couple attempt an Argentine tango, a dance that most of the pros won’t even be familiar with (bar world champions Vincent and Flavia, of course). Unlike the sharp, staccato ballroom tango, the Argentine tango is a lot smoother, with a close hold, lots of leg flicks and a sultry seductive atmosphere.

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Strictly Come Dancing week ten: Quarter-final nerves

Four dancers, three places in the semi-final- who would miss out? In the week leading up to the episode, everyone seemed certain that Letitia would be the one to go, but with everything hinging on who could both perform on the night and attract the capricious public vote, nothing could be certain.

Two more dances from everyone

  • Gethin and Camilla: Keen to show that last week wasn’t a fluke, Gethin came out first with a creditable American Smooth consisting of foxtrot rhythm and two lifts. Although the first lift was not quite as polished as it could have been (no surprise given its technical difficulty), the second was a nice coda to a strong dance that showed off both worthy footwork and a decent amount of rise and fall. Continue reading