The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Year of Hell

For over two hundred years, Krenim scientist Annorax has been using his timeship to alter history in the hopes of restoring his people’s great empire. When Voyager enters Krenim space, they are attacked by the newly restored Imperium, beginning a long year of struggle to keep the ship and crew safe even as space and time itself changes around them. Continue reading


Wa*k Yourself Healthy

Last year, an article appeared in Waitrose Weekend magazine, detailing a four week program for general health improvement. Unfortunately, due to a problem with autocorrect, the article was entitled “Walk Yourself Healthy”. We now reprint this article in its correct form, with all instances of “walk” replaced with their original intent. Continue reading

The Shadow Blog

Welcome to the ‘evil twin’ of Azure Flame, a secondary blog where I will post various items not related to anime and manga. Don’t expect the same frequency of posting or even quality of writing on this secondary blog, it’s just a place for me to vent my opinions on things like the latest episodes of Lost and Stargate Atlantis.