The Sopranos: the most eccentric, manipulative and downright sociopathic characters

My viewing companion and I have just finished watching The Sopranos. It’s a brilliant series, albeit packed to the gills with death and bloody violence, and of course that ending. As you might imagine from a show about mobsters, everyone is pretty much out for themselves; more than that, however, some of them are just downright emotionally manipulative borderline sociopaths. In this article, I run down some of the worst offenders. Continue reading

The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Scorpion

The time that the Voyager crew have dreaded for months has arrived – the ship has finally reached Borg space. Whilst attempting to plot a safe course across territory controlled by the Federation’s most fearsome enemy, Voyager stumbles into a war – between the Borg and an adversary even they cannot assimilate. With this new alien race proving even more hostile and intractable than the Borg, Janeway decides to risk everything on an alliance with the Collective. Continue reading