Kit Kat Chocolatory

Boxes of Kit Kats at John Lewis     Boxes of Kit Kats at home

Fancy flavours of Kit Kat have been a staple in Japan for years – just check out my mammoth blog that reviews a fair few of them. But now the trend is spreading across the world, including here in the UK. If you live in London, you’ll get the chance to create your own bar, but for those of us out in the sticks, there’s also the option to try out these six pre-prepared options.

At £7.50 per six-finger box, or £12 for a double-pack containing two different flavours, these Kit Kats don’t come cheap. But the question still stands – are they worth it? Let’s investigate. Continue reading

A Tribute to Nog

When Aron Eisenberg passed away a few months ago, I meant to write an article celebrating Nog, similar to my recently published one on Odo. However, life intervened and it’s taken this long to get around to starting it. Nonetheless, the time has finally come to acknowledge Eisenberg’s work as Starfleet’s very first Ferengi.

Originally introduced to be TNG’s equivalent of the Klingons in TOS, the Ferengi didn’t quite work out as planned. At best their onscreen appearances were cringeworthy, at worst, they touched on antisemitic tropes. However, on occasion, the Ferengi could rise above all of that. Nowhere was this more evident than with Nog, a character who started off as a stereotypical irritating troublemaker. Continue reading


Lou Bloom is a petty thief who gets inspired to become a freelance photographer, selling exclusive photos of crime scenes to the local news. But as Lou gets a taste for success, he starts pushing the boundaries of what he can get away with, from minor tampering to deliberate sabotage. Continue reading

The Great BoJack Horseman Rewatch: The Stopped Show

After the strangling incident, Philbert is on hiatus. Princess Carolyn arranges a chat show appearance for BoJack – who has no memory of what he did – and Gina to tell the world that everything is fine. Nonetheless, BoJack feels terrible for strangling Gina, and decides he must find a way to be held to account.

Last episode, we saw BoJack committing his latest unforgivable act – losing his grip on reality so much that he strangled Gina during the filming of a Philbert episode. BoJack himself has no memory of doing this, but is understandably horrified to see video footage of his actions. The question is – what next for our troubled protagonist? Continue reading